Aichi Targets Explorer

The Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011 - 2020 is a framework for everyone by which to ensure the persistence of biodiversity so that these provide services and benefits to people in perpetuity. The Strategic Plan has twenty targets organized among five strategic goals adopted by the parties to the Convention on Biological Biodiversity (CBD) in Nagoya, Japan to address the global loss of biodiversity.

This facility was developed to provide access to biodiversity trends relevant to monitoring ASEAN Member States (AMS) compliance to the AICHI Targets.

It also aims to assist the AMS in establishing their own sets of national targets, acquire information to develop analyses by which to update their respective National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plans (NBSAP) and prepare their Fifth National Reports. Information in this facility may be used to identify the gaps in biodiversity information and develop charts and graphs useful for promoting biodiversity awareness and preparing necessary policies.

Goal A
Goal B
Goal C
Goal D
Goal E