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9 Focusing On Artisanal Fleets In A New Scenario: The Case Of Andalusia (Spain) David Florido Del Corral
11 Definitions Of Overfishing From An Ecosystem Perspective Steven A. Murawski
12 Design Of Operational Management Strategies For Achieving Fishery Ecosystem Objectives Keith J. Sainsbury
13 Importance Of Assessing Taxonomic Adequacy In Determining Fishing Effects On Marine Biodiversity M. Vecchione
14 Investing In Natural Capital As Management Strategy In Fisheries: The Case Of The Baltic Sea Cod Fishery Ralf Döring
16 Economic Instruments For Achieving Ecosystem Objectives In Fisheries Management Ragnar Arnason
17 Addressing Ecosystem Effects Of Fishing Using Marine Protected Areas Ussif Rashid Sumaila
18 Ecosystem Effects Of Fishing Henrik Gislason
19 What Is The Ecosystem Approach For Fisheries Management? Joji Morishita
20 Effects Of Fisheries On Marine Ecosystems: A Conservationist's Perspective Tundi Agardy